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Lighting refurbishment -  Coombe Abbey Country Park

The repairs and maintenance engineers have carried out extensive work in replacing the lighting at Coombe Abbey. The duration of the project has been five weeks.

This was carried out by the repairs and maintenance department from the council and was assisted by a contractor. The replacement was done to fit new LED lighting for more economical lighting. The new lighting had also been fitted with microwave sensors. The engineers and contactor worked their way through the building programming sensors and proving the operation of all sensors. The scope for the work included ground floor visitor centre, mezzanine floor and the first floor. The integral emergency lighting had been replaced but remained in the 29 existing positions. The external emergency lighting had been replaced above fire exits doors at six positions.

Coombe Abbey lighting refurbishment

Boiler replacement - Hillfields Children's Nursery

The work was to remove all the existing heating boilers from site, flues insulation circulation pumps, controls and isolation valves and all redundant pipework. As well as the provision and installation of the new heating boilers, flues circulation pumps and pipework, distribution pipework, gas, insulation, control and isolating valve, new control panel and associated equipment to be installed in the boiler room.

The work was completed in two phases to minimise disruption to the building users. The work took approximately eight weeks to complete.

Hillfields boiler room


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