Local Growth Fund (Growth Deal)


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The Coventry & Warwickshire Local Growth Fund was a £131.8m capital infrastructure fund that was awarded to the Coventry & Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership by the Government in 2014. The programme ran from 2015-2021.

The Local Growth Fund has successfully aided 40 projects through to completion throughout the Coventry and Warwickshire area, supporting work in a number of areas including skills, transport, business support and public infrastructure. It has also provided funding towards Coventry City of Culture 2021 and The Commonwealth Games in 2022.

The programme is still delivering significant outputs for the locality including significant numbers of jobs, new apprenticeships, new commercial and retail space. To date the programme has been directly responsible for over 300 jobs being created or safeguarded and over 4,000 Houses being built in the region.

Coventry City Council operates as the Accountable Body for the funding on behalf of the CWLEP.  Although the funding has been spent the Capital Programmes Team is still monitoring the programme to ensure smooth delivery of all projects.

Visit the CWLEP website for details of projects that benefitted from Local Growth Fund.