Information about our policy, strategy and plans for maintaining highways assets in Coventry.

An asset management approach is being used to ensure that available budgets are spent in the most effective and efficient way to provide a best value service for maintaining Coventry’s highways.

Asset Management Policy

Coventry's Asset Management Policy is a high level document which establishes the Council's commitment to highway infrastructure asset management and demonstrates how the asset management approach aligns with the City's corporate vision and objectives. As a result all asset management stakeholders have a line of sight between highway asset management and the high level direction of the Council.

Asset Management Strategy

This Asset Management Strategy sets out how the Asset Management Policy will be delivered. It is informed by the adoption of the asset management framework which establishes the activities and processes that are necessary to develop, document, implement and potentially continually improve the highway asset management service within Coventry City Council. This Strategy is aligned to the City's corporate objectives and seeks to follow the latest asset management advice, particularly from the Highway Maintenance Efficiency Programme (HMEP) led by the highway sector and supported by the Department for Transport (DfT).

Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Plan (HIAMP)

What is a Highways Infrastructure Asset Management Plan?

The Highways Infrastructure Asset Management Plan is the link between our strategic objectives and our operational activities, it will enable this authority to meet strategic goals in the most effective manner having regard to statutory requirements, customer expectations and funding limitations.

Why develop an Asset Management Plan?

This Council has statutory duties and an aspiration to manage its physical assets to a level that ensures the desired standards of service are achieved and maintained over time in an efficient and cost-effective manner.   

Would you like to know more about how we prioritise and manage the maintenance and repair of roads and pavements across the city? Watch this video to find out more.

Coventry City Council Resilient Network


It is now recognised that climate change is affecting weather patterns. In the UK, this is reflected through greater incidence of prolonged rainfall, strong winds and heatwaves which can combine with other natural events to create adverse conditions for the Councils transport network. Where practical, there is a need to make the Councils transport networks more resilient to such events. The Council recognise that change is necessary and have already produced key documents that look to address climate change issues, these being the Local Flood Risk Management Strategy, and the Climate Change Strategy for Coventry 2020. 

In 2014, the Department for Transport (DfT) undertook a review of the resilience of the UK transport network to extreme weather events. A number of recommendations were made as a result, in both the short and longer term. The key recommendation for local roads is;

“that Local Highway Authorities identify a 'resilient network' to which they will give priority, in order to maintain economic activity and access to key services during extreme weather."
This recommendation aligns with this Councils wider strategies, including the Winter Service Plan, Local Flood Risk Management Strategy, and the Climate Change Strategy for Coventry 2020.

What is a Resilient Network?

Resilience can be described as the ability of the transport network to recover from planned or unexpected weather events and return to providing the required level of service for customers. It is about increasing the physical resilience of transport systems to extreme weather, so when extreme weather is experienced the transport network continues to function. Coventry City Council, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council and Warwickshire County Council have a shared service agreement for Resilience and Emergency Planning. The authorities have committed to working together on resilience matters across the sub-region and have agreed mutual aid arrangements in place. 

Coventry’s Resilient Network

The Council have developed a Resilient Network (RN), based on the requirements for Winter Service and the Local Flood Risk Management Strategy. This provides priority to the two greatest risks to the highway network, snow/ice and flooding. In addition to this Coventry’s RN incorporates the requirements of key infrastructure.