Every day, thousands of children in Coventry cross the road with a School Crossing Patrol on their journeys to and from school. Patrols operate at many locations in the city and the safety of the children who cross with them is vitally important.

How you can help

As a driver, or parent/guardian you can help by:


  • Please slow down near to schools, or in areas where a patrol is working.
  • Be patient and give the Patrol and children plenty of time and room to cross the road safely.
  • It is important to park vehicles well away from School Crossing Patrol sites. This makes sure that the Patrol has a clear view of approaching traffic, and also allows drivers to see the Patrol and children.


  • Please set a good example by always crossing with the Patrol where one is provided.
  • Remind your children of the importance of always waiting at the kerb until the Patrol tells them it is safe to cross.

School crossing patrol team

Address: PO Box 15
Council House
Earl Street

Telephone: 024 7683 2024