Gritting routes

There are 8 gritting routes in Coventry and each route has its own dedicated gritting vehicle. We also have a spare vehicle available as emergency back up.

We aim to complete each route within 3.5 hours of being called into action and action is always started in time to ensure salt is in place before freezing occurs.

The routes are chosen based on their strategic value to the city's road network and include those that service most schools, blue light services (Police, Fire , Ambulance stations), major commercial centres and most frequent bus routes. Unfortunately, it is not possible to grit every road in the city so we have to stick to these dedicated routes only.

Interactive map of the gritting routes and grit bins

Link for Coventry City Council network

The above link to the map may not work if you are on a Coventry City Council network, please try this internal link for the online gritting map.

Severe weather conditions (Priority 1 Routes only)

When extreme weather conditions occur it may not be possible to afford the same level of winter service across the 8 routes we would normally treat. For this reason there is a further level of high priority routes which are considered of vital importance to Coventry. These routes are defined as priority 1 routes and are shown on the priority gritting network map. Under these conditions it is our aim to ensure all priority 1 routes should be kept clear to their full width.

Hand gritting

In addition to gritting routes by vehicle we also grit certain areas by hand when conditions dictate. Please read our hand gritting procedure.