Home composting


The amount of rubbish each property in Coventry produces is growing. Composting is one of the best ways of reducing waste. It is possible to compost about a fifth of the waste in a bin without causing any environmental damage. This is more environmentally friendly than recycling as no energy is needed for transport or in the recycling process.

Making your own compost can:

  • help protect your environment
  • save you money
  • help your garden grow naturally

Home composting increases the amount of wildlife such as worms and natural predators. It reduces the need for buying peaty composts which damage natural peat habitats. Putting compost in your soil makes it healthier by increasing natural nutrients and organic matter.

How do I compost? 

To start composting for yourself and get a discounted composter, please visit composting and composters

If you would like further information on composting, please contact the Waste Education Team at RecyclingChampions@coventry.gov.uk or visit the following websites:

Water butts

A water butt collects rainwater to use on your garden. By using a water butt you can save litres of treated tap water and can help lower your water bills if you have a water meter.

Where can I order a water butt kit from?

Water butt kits are available from local DIY and online stores, including the Save Water and get composting websites.

Love Food Hate Waste

Food waste was found to make up over 35% of the waste collected in the green-lidded bins (rubbish) in Coventry. Shopping smartly and planning meals can help reduce the amount of food that ends up in the wheeled bin.

For more information on recycling and for tips on the best ways to save money with food and cooking, please visit Love Food Hate Waste.

Recycling Champions

Address: Whitley Depot
252 London Road