Primary school offers 2023 - additional information

If you have submitted an online application for your child’s primary school place. You will be aware that primary school places will be offered on Monday 17 April 2023.

This update is to provide you with some useful information about the process and point you to additional support that will be available online.

As you applied online, you will be sent an email informing you which school has been offered to your child.  Emails will be sent on Monday 17 April 2023, and we expect that you will receive your email by 4pm. 

The exact time will depend on your email service provider. If you have not received any emails, please ensure you check your junk mail folder as the email could be in there. Your junk folder could be called 'junk', 'trash' or 'spam'.

Alternatively, you can log back into your account to see the result of your application.

All parents who made a paper or telephone application will be sent a decision letter via post.  All letters leave the office on 17 April.  They are posted Second Class so they should arrive (depending on Royal Mail) on Wednesday 19 April.

Please do not contact Coventry City Council before you have received the offer of a school place.

If for any reason you have not received your letter or email by 19 April 2023, we will provide you with information on the outcome of your application over the telephone. 

If you applied after the closing date of 15 January 2023 then you will not receive an offer of a school place on 17 April. You will be notified by the end of May of your school place offer.

If you did not make an application, then please apply as soon as possible.

Next steps

If your circumstances have changed and you want to change your application to request different schools, then please email your request to  or call 024 7697 5445 by 2 May with any new requests.

If your child has not been offered a place at any of the schools you applied for, this will be because the school(s) received more applications than there were places available and other children met the admission criteria more closely than your child. The Local Authority is legally obliged to offer a school place and therefore your child will have been offered a place at the nearest school from the home address that had a place available after we had completed the allocation. If you are not happy with the distance of the school to your home address you may be entitled to a free travel pass for your child. The school place offered (preference 8) will not be removed from your child until a place can be offered at an alternative school.

You will be placed on the waiting lists for the schools where your application has been refused and you will have the right of appeal. In the meantime, you can make requests for places at other schools. Please email your request to  or call 024 76975445 by 2 May with any new requests

From 3 May we will put together all late applications and changes of preference and complete a second round of offers by the end of the month. Any places which become available will be offered according to those who have the highest priority on the school waiting lists which are organised according to the admissions policy of each school.  

Waiting lists

If you do not receive an offer of a place at one of your higher preference schools your child's name will automatically be placed on the waiting lists for those schools and will remain on these lists until the end of the Autumn term (31 December). Applications are prioritised according to the admissions policy of each school.

Having a place on the waiting list is no guarantee that a place will become available. For the September 2022 admissions process, oversubscribed schools offered on average 2 places to those on waiting lists

The position your child is at on the waiting list is as at the day you enquire. There will be no changes to the waiting list from 17 April until we have completed the second allocation round so information on changes to waiting list positions will only be available from 1 June 2023.

The Admissions team will contact you if a school place becomes available for your child from a waiting list.

Parents who have applied for places outside the city should contact the appropriate authority direct to discuss the appeals process and the position on any waiting lists. 


You have the right to appeal at any school that you have applied for and had written confirmation of being refused admission. 

If you are considering the possibility of submitting an appeal, please read the advice regarding appeals on the School Admissions website carefully.

You can only appeal against the refusal of a place at a school you applied for.

Appeals are heard and decided by panels that are completely independent of the council and the school(s).

Consider the likelihood of your appeal being successful.

For example, were you realistic with the preferences you submitted for your child?

Appeals are generally only successful if you or your child have exceptional reasons for needing admission to a particular school.  Infant Class Size appeals are subject to the Government legislation around class sizes of no more than 30 pupils per class. More information can be found here

There are no guarantees that any appeal will be successful (see below for the number heard and success rates for appeals administered by Coventry City Council over the last three years).

Number of successful appeals in 2020 to 2022

School year

No of appeals heard

Number of successful appeals

Primary transfer 2022



Primary transfer 2021



Primary transfer 2020



Please find below a list of schools whose appeals are administered by the Local Authority. Should you wish to appeal for any of these schools, the closing date for submitting your written appeal is 19 May 2023 with a second round closing date of 9 June 2023.

If you submit an appeal after 9 June, it will be classed as a late appeal and will be heard after the on-time appeals, and it may not be heard before the beginning of September 2023.

Aldermans Green Primary       Aldermoor Farm Primary              All Saints CE

Allesley Primary                       Allesley Hall Primary                    Broad Heath Primary

Cannon Park Primary              Clifford Bridge Primary                 Coundon Primary

Courthouse Green Primary      Earlson Primary                         Edgewick Primary                         

Ernesford Grange Primary       Finham Primary                         Frederick Bird Primary             

Gosford Park Primary              Grange Farm Primary                Grangehurst Primary               

Hearsall Community Academy      Henley Green Primary          Hill Farm Academy                 

Holbrook Primary                     Hollyfast Primary                        Howes Primary                       

John Gulson Primary               John Shelton Primary                 Joseph Cash Primary             

Keresley Grange Primary        Limbrick Wood Primary              Little Heath Primary             

Longford Park Primary            Manor Park Primary

Moat House Primary                Moseley Primary                           Mount Nod Primary

Park Hill Primary                     Parkgate Primary                          Pearl Hyde Primary

Potters Green Primary            Radford Academy                        Ravensdale Primary

Richard Lee Primary               Sidney Stringer Primary               Southfields Primary

Sowe Valley Primary              Spon Gate Primary                       St Andrews CE Infant

St Christopher Primary           Stivichall Primary                         Stoke Primary

Stoke Heath Primary              Templars Primary                         Walsgrave Primary

Whitley Abbey Primary           Whitmore Park Primary                 Whittle Academy

Whoberley Hall Primary          Willenhall Primary                        Wyken Croft Primary

You will be able to access the appeal form online from 17 April 2023.

If you wish to submit an appeal please check the details on the below link to see further information on who to contact and deadline dates.

Appeals timetable.