How Coventry Schools Library and Resource Service supports your school in implementing the DfE Reading Framework 2023

Reading for Pleasure and, the long-known benefits of it, are recognised more fully in the revised Reading Framework. The Framework also mentions that School Library Services:

are an important resource for teachers, parents and children. They provide access to books, offer advice and training on children’s literature. pg. 90

Coventry Schools Library and Resource Service works to support schools in the development of reading for pleasure in line with this Framework as well as collaborating with schools to build a rich and diverse reading curriculum. Here are some of the ways in which we can support your school in implementing the Framework’s recommendations:

SLS Annual Loan Service

Throughout the Framework it is noted that the books chosen at every stage when learning to read and then, the choice of books when children have learned to de-code, is critical.
Teachers should provide books that are likely to give the most pleasure, so that all pupils feel encouraged to put in the reading miles before they read more challenging books independently: sets of short, popular easy-read page-turners, hi-lo books (see below), joke books, irreverent books – anything that helps to establish the reading pg. 86
It also states that
Teachers should be wary of restricting pupils to reading books from within one coloured level or band and labelling pupils as being on a specific colour pg. 97
Through the annual loan service SLS provides high quality fiction and non-fiction books (including a wide range of diverse and inclusive texts) for classroom collections and school libraries selected by specialist librarians. Annual loans save schools time and money as well as refreshing and regularly updating their book stock.
Choosing stories and non-fiction that explore such differences begins to break down a sense of otherness that often leads to division and prejudice. The challenge is to make sure that the right books support all children to thrive, whatever their background. pg. 31

Project Loans

The curriculum should include books and other texts to support the content in each history, geography, and science lesson. pg. 88


…. sharing and discussing pictures in non-fiction books offers opportunities to broaden children’s experiences beyond the immediate and the local. For example, books about space, other countries, animals, exploration, and courageous people from a range of occupations and ethnic backgrounds are rich sources of vocabulary and 25

SLS project loans are professionally selected age-appropriate curriculum books and resources designed to support teaching and learning within the classroom to the bespoke requirements of individual teachers. They include any combination of fiction/non-fiction books and other resources if required. These project loans also provide support for all reading by engaging children in high-quality books as well as supporting critical literacy.

Pupils with special educational needs and disabilities

Within the annual loan and project loans, SLS includes books to support SEND, neuro-diversity, mental health, and wellbeing. We also have Hi-Lo books to support readers with dyslexia and other reading difficulties as well as a range of resources for EAL children. We also offer the loan of the Reading Well for children collection which provides quality-assured information, stories, and advice to support children’s mental health and wellbeing chosen and recommended by leading health professionals and co-produced with children and families.

Reading Update, Reading for Pleasure Package, SLS Training and Secondary Forum

To help develop teacher’s knowledge of children’s literature and the ongoing strategic development of reading for pleasure in the school SLS offers a Reading Update service. This provides termly briefings on the best newly published books together with current awareness information on all matters connected to reading for pleasure.

SLS’s Reading for pleasure package is a great way to get the best new books in school for minimum time and cost. Combined with the Reading Update service this package provides 25 brand new fiction books every term to add to your school stock (not loans). It can work in tandem with our subscriptions or as a stand-alone service. The fantastic thing about it is that you have the books delivered ready to go straight on the shelf and have the matching notes (Reading Update) telling you all about the books so that you can immediately start recommending them to students.

Teachers are the best people to promote a love of reading because children, particularly young children, care what their teachers think about the stories they read aloud… However, this does not mean that teachers should choose only the books they loved as children. Teachers could also contact other specialists, such as children’s librarians, for advice. Pg. 63

In-service training courses are also delivered on a range of literacy and library-related issues as well as regular Forums for Secondary school staff to share good practice, training, and information on new initiatives.

Library Quiz

Run annually in partnership with Coventry Public Libraries, the aim of the quiz is to challenge able readers in the top years at Primary school to expand their reading, read in greater depth and understanding, and boost their literacy skills. The books chosen are modern, inclusive, from different genres and writing styles and represent the highest quality of writing.

For pupils who can decode well, effective teaching supports pupils to develop as readers through introducing a wide range of literature and non-fiction that they could not or might choose to read independently pg. 107

Throughout the framework, the opportunity to discuss and talk about books is shown as essential to create real readers. CIBA is an ideal way to get more of your children engaged in reading for pleasure. Each of the carefully selected shortlists have been tailored to the specific needs of each of the targeted age groups and cover a wide range of genres and styles.. However, taking part in the Book Awards is about more than just reading and voting for the books. It’s about being part of a wider reading community across your school and the city, talking about books and getting involved in the related events such as the Hooked on Books quiz and the Celebration Event held in the summer term.

Ideally, pupils’ engagement in reading is well established by the end of year 6 so teachers can build on this to keep adolescent pupils reading. Access to the widest range of engaging, diverse texts, both fiction and non-fiction, that might capture the interest of adolescent readers is vital to keep older pupils reading as other interests compete for attention pg. 132

This book was definitely something I would never expect! It is like a perfect example to not judge a book by its cover… I enjoyed it a lot and definitely did not expect the excellent outcome… 5 stars!️” – From the Simply the Book category for ages 13+

It was amazing and my favourite part is page 130 because the green fish was in the toilet and it was was so fun to read and i can’t wait to read it again - From Telling Tales category for ages 7-9

This is a great book and as soon as I started reading it my head was stuck in the book and reading it non-stop!From the Rapid Reads category for ages 11-16

I really enjoyed reading this book because it's thrilling and leads you in and makes you want to read more. – From Hooked on Books category for ages 9-12

Organising book stock

The framework highlights the selection and organisation of book stock in both class book corners and libraries. SLS provides School Library and book corner development and maintenance packages to audit your library and book corners as well as developing them to provide immersive reading experiences. If your school library needs a complete overhaul we offer the Library Refresh Package which not only organises your library but also adds £1000 worth of new books added to your library 

Public Libraries and Bookshops do not colour band their books. They organise their stock to make it accessible and attractive to readers …  pupils are well supported to choose them by and for themselves. Pg. 89


The Reading Framework presents a huge opportunity to build a rich reading curriculum in which children are taught to read and develop a love of reading for pleasure with a wide range of diverse books. Coventry SLS would love to be part of that journey with you. For further information go to our website or the Service for Schools online portal or contact Isobel Powell SLS Service Manager and Helen Shepherd School Support Librarian

All of the quotes in this article have been taken from the Department of Education’s Reading Framework updated in July 2023.

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