Introductory package

Coventry SLS offers a wide range of loan services as well as support for reading for pleasure and reading development.

If your school hasn’t subscribed to the School Library Service in recent years, we would like to offer you a chance to try what we offer and see how it can enhance the teaching and learning in your schools.

With the introductory offer what we would like to do is give schools a chance to try our 3 most popular resource loans which make up our standard subscription package. An SLS subscription is our most popular package and offers schools the best value for money. A standard subscription includes termly project collections and artefact collections to enhance curriculum learning in the classroom as well as an annual loan which can be used to keep your school library or classroom book corners up-to-date, relevant, exciting and inviting. The subscription package is based on a price per pupil and will give you more resources for your school the more pupils you buy in for.

With the introductory offer we are going to give you a ‘taster’ of these 3 services so that you can try them out for yourself in school to see how they work for your teachers and students. What we are offering for your first year is a chance to pay a set cost of only £850 and in return get the following

  • 5 termly project boxes – containing 30 items (books and other resources) chosen by our specialist librarians in response to your request.
  • Unlimited artefact loans – An extensive range of artefact collections that support a wide range of National Curriculum and Creative curriculum topics as well as an expanding collection of story sacks for EYFS and KS1.
  • Fiction collection –  A selection of 100 high-quality fiction books which you can put in your school library or in your classroom book corners. The books we choose are carefully selected to reflect a range of styles, abilities, and the diversity of school communities and to provide a collection that will enhance reader engagement.  

The total cost of having all of these services through our Pay as You Go option would be £1385 so the special introductory offer price saves the school £535

If you were to purchase all of the resources you are getting on loan from us it would cost you approximately £3200 so this is great value for money and an easy way to see how the SLS service works for your school. If you would like to continue using the SLS services after the end of the introductory year then we will be happy to meet with you to discuss what we can do to give you the best value for money and provide your school with the resources it needs to support reading for enjoyment and teaching and learning in the classroom. To help you further if you wanted to continue with an SLS subscription the following year we will offer you a 10% discount on your total cost.