The Council has a Constitution which sets out how the Council operates, how decisions are made and the procedures which are followed to ensure that decisions are efficient, transparent, and accountable to local people. Some of these processes are required by the law, while others are a matter for the Council to choose.

The Constitution is divided into 6 parts, which provide detailed procedures relating to Council Meetings, Access to Information Rules, and the Members' Code of Conduct.

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Part 1 - Summary and Explanation

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Part 2 - Scheme of Delegation

  • General Principles
  • Functions of Cabinet
  • Functions of Council
  • Functions of Scrutiny
  • Functions of Ethics Committee
  • Functions of Licensing and Regulatory Committee
  • Functions of Planning Committee
  • Functions of the Appeals Committee, Appointments Panel and Independent Remuneration Panel
  • Functions of Audit and Procurement Committee
  • Functions of Coventry Health and Wellbeing Board
  • Functions of Emergency Planning Forum
  • Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee
  • Scheme of Functions Delegated to Employees
  • Coventry Shareholder Committee

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Part 3 - Rules of Procedure

  • Council Procedure Rules
  • Access to Information Procedure Rules
  • Budget and Policy Framework Procedure Rules
  • Cabinet Procedure Rules
  • Scrutiny Procedure Rules
  • Financial Procedure Rules
  • Rules for Contracts
  • Employment Procedure Rules
  • Petitions Procedure Rules
  • Appeals Committee Procedure Rules

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Part 4 - Codes and Protocols

  • Code of Conduct for Elected and Co-opted Members
  • Code of Conduct for Employees
  • Code of Good Planning Practice for Members and Employees dealing with Planning Matters
  • Member Officer Protocol
  • Monitoring Office Protocol

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Part 5 - Members' Allowances Scheme

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Part 6 - Management Structure

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