Coventry city centre code of conduct for performers

Coventry was very proud to be the UK City of Culture in 2021. This revised code of conduct is intended to demonstrate that we are a city that is welcoming to buskers and street performers and we recognise the role which they can play in improving the Streetscene and driving footfall which is to everyone’s benefit.

Equally, we also recognise that in order to coexist and complement each other, there needs to be common courtesy between performers and businesses. In order to do this there are some basic rules that need to be observed.

In the first instance, we ask that any affected businesses speak to the performer to explain that they are adversely affecting their business; usually a small adjustment or slight relocation will resolve matters. If this cannot be amicably resolved, businesses should request support via the Shopwatch radio system or call 08085 834333.


  1. Volume levels must be relative and considerate. A simple test would be the volume is too loud if a standard conversation cannot be held in a nearby shop. Equally, if the volume can clearly be heard 50 metres away it is likely to be too loud and performers must turn it down.
  2. There is no limit on the number of performers, however they must not cause any obstruction on the public highway. Wheelchairs, pushchairs and similar must be able to easily get past and performers should be mindful of positioning themselves in any pinch-points where this is likely to be an issue.
  3. Performers can select a pitch anywhere in the City Centre as long as it is public land.
  4. The maximum length of time a performer can spend in a single location is 90 minutes, and they are not to return to the same location in the same day. This is to be fair to all and prevent a location being monopolised by anyone.
  5. Performers may sell their own CDs and similar without the need for a trading permit, but there must be a sign making it clear that they are inviting donations for these goods. It is reasonable to suggest a minimum donation.
  6. Any performer that is in a location where there is a pre-arranged event or booking must leave if requested to, or at least relocate accordingly. As much prior notice as possible will be given.
  7. Street performers such as living statues, jugglers and similar must have their own public liability insurance of at least £5m.
  8. Although the requirement to socially distance has been removed, you are still required to undertake a risk assessment of your performance to ensure it does not encourage the spread of coronavirus [].