Fly-posting is illegal, spoils both public and private property and can be very costly to remove. Fly-posting is the unauthorised placing of advertising - usually in the form of posters, banners or stickers.

We are responsible for reducing and controlling fly-posting in the city through education and enforcement. We remove fly-posters from public buildings, street furniture and monuments.

Other items such as telephone boxes, bus shelters and electricity boxes are the responsibility of the company that has placed them there.


Fly-posting is an illegal anti-social activity that creates a bad impression of an area and has been shown to contribute to people's fear of crime.

We are constantly seeking to reduce crime, the fear of crime and improve the environment in which Coventry people live. Fly-posting affects this work and has a negative impact on the local "street scene" and helps give the impression of urban decay - it is also illegal.

Fly-posting is a criminal offence. If you are caught fly-posting we, or the police, can issue a Fixed Penalty Notice of £80 for each individual offence.

How you can help

You can help us by;

  • Reporting all instances of fly-posting
  • Not fly-posting yourself or encouraging others to do so

In turn we aim to remove fly-posting from public property or street furniture within 5 working days.

How to report it

You can report fly-posting online.

What you need to tell us

  • The exact location of the fly-posting i.e attached to lamp column number X
  • What the fly-posting is advertising