Public Space Protection Order (Dog Control)

Public Space Protection Order (Coventry Dog Control) was created on 15 June 2021 and will run for 3 years from this date.

Dog Control Orders

  • Dog fouling of land. 
  • Owners are required to keep dogs on a lead in certain specified places within Coventry and on all public streets.
  • If a dog is causing a nuisance to other dogs, dog walkers or members of the public the dog owner can be instructed to put their dog on a lead by an Authorised Officer from the Council.
  • There are restrictions on owners taking dogs into certain areas e.g. children's play areas.
  • A person is only allowed to walk 6 dogs at any one time (this would include professional dog walkers).

Failure to comply with a DCO will result in the dog’s owner being issued with a fixed penalty notice. In the event of the fixed penalty notice not being paid, it is the Council’s policy to prosecute. This would result in the person receiving a criminal record.




Information about how the PSPO is being enforced: