You may have your vehicles towed away if you do not move them from roads where resurfacing and maintenance is taking place.

Highways work can often be delayed because a vehicle parked on the road can stop work from taking place, despite the owner having received letters telling them work was due to begin.

The Council has employed a local company, Rowley's Autos, to remove vehicles that remain once warnings have been ignored.

Prohibited parking and vehicle tow away

When works are due to start on a road, residents are sent a detailed letter informing them about access arrangements and telling them when they will need to move their vehicles.

We will place traffic signs on the road to show that parking is prohibited and that vehicle tow away is in operation.

The removal of cars will be the last stage in a process that begins with issuing warning notices the day before work begins and issuing a penalty charge notice to vehicles causing an obstruction.

Retrieving a vehicle that has been towed away

Please contact Rowley's Autos: 024 7666 4220 (Option 1).

Opening hours

Monday to Friday: 9am - 4.30pm
Saturday: 9am - 12noon