We are responsible for keeping weed growth under control on Council-owned land.

We provide weed control measures, which can include use of machinery, hand weeding or hoeing or use of herbicides.

Most of our weed control measures are carried out with chemical control methods using herbicides. As we use non-residual herbicides to protect the environment, weeds have to be in active growth for the herbicides to be effective.

All herbicides we use are in line with relevant legislation. Our operatives and contractors working on behalf of the Council hold relevant pesticide application qualifications in accordance with regulations. We only use non-residual herbicides as this prevents ground water from becoming polluted by the herbicides.

Weeds we treat

We will treat weeds on all Council owned land, which includes:

  • Highways
  • Verges
  • Public open space
  • Parks
  • Memorial gardens

The timing of weed treatment is very important and depends on the weather and other issues. Weed treatments are carried out twice per year between April to November.

Please help us by:

  • Not dropping litter or flytipping
  • Keeping fronts of property clear of detritus