Author: Philip Reeve
Illustrator: Sarah McIntyre
Publisher: David Fickling
ISBN: 9781788452670

About the book

With a thirst for adventure, Pedro sets off on a quest to find the mysterious Mouse Islands. Swept out to sea with his suitcase he tells himself he must be brave. Fortunately, Fledermaus arrives to rescue him just in time and to Pedro’s delight takes him to the very islands he seeks and to the Adventuremice base. He learns that their job is protect the Mouse Islands. They perform daring rescues, brave feats, and have a boat, a submarine, a seaplane and even a helicopter! How could Pedro ever be good enough to join them, especially after a disastrous first voyage. It will take a large otter and a big helping of bravery and kindness to show him that everyone can be a useful part of a team.

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