The Environment Agency provides flood warnings online 24 hours a day and operates Floodline (0345 988 1188) which is a free service that provides flood warnings directly to you by phone, text, e-mail or fax.

Practical advice on preparing for a flood and what to do if one happens is also available. You can listen to recorded information on the latest warnings, or speak to an operator for more general information 24 hours a day.

Flood warning stages

These are issued by the Environment Agency and are reported in news and weather bulletins. There are four stages of flood warning for the public, each of which is associated with a level of flood risk and a specific action message.

Flood warnings
Symbol Status Action
Flood alert A Flood Alert means that flooding is possible and that you need to be prepared Residents should make some low impact preparations (e.g. move small / valuable items upstairs) check travel plans and remain vigilant.
Flood warning A Flood Warning means that flooding is expected. You should take immediate action and not wait for a severe flood warning. Put in place home flood defences. Move valuables and people upstairs. Turn off utilities.
Severe flood warning

A Severe Weather Warning means that there is severe flooding and danger to life.

These are issued when flooding is posing significant risk to life or disruption to communities.
There is no symbol for this stage. Warnings no longer in force  This message will be issued when no further flooding is currently expected in your area.

Further information on Flood Warnings and Coventry's current status on the Environment Agency's website.

Flood Risk Management Officer

Open 9am–5pm Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays)

Address: 259 London Road
Whitley Depot

Telephone: 08085 834333