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Integrating into a new city and a new culture is never easy. One of our aims at Coventry City Council is to make this transition and the entire resettlement process, as seamless as possible. 

To help new Ukrainian arrivals resettle and integrate into the city, we have put on regular sessions that enable new arrivals to learn or improve their English skills; meet other members of Coventry's Ukrainian Community; access services across the city and answer any questions they may have. 

What's on this week

English classes

One of the main barriers to integration is the inability to speak the language of the country you've been resettled in. To help Ukrainian arrivals resettle and integrate into Coventry as seamlessly as possible, we have put on regular ESOL/Conversational classes (English classes) at Coventry's Central Library in the city centre. In order to ensure that all new arrivals receive the appropriate language support, all Ukrainian arrivals are required to undertake an English Assessment so that we can provide tailored support to individuals based on their current level of English. 

English Assessments currently take place in the Central Library every Tuesday, with the first session taking place between 10am-12pm and the second session following soon after between 12:30pm-2pm. 

English lessons will then take place every Tuesday and Friday as follows:

  • For beginners - 10am-11:30am
  • For improvers - 12pm-1:30pm

Drop-in sessions

Alongside our English classes, we're also holding a weekly drop-in session for Ukrainian arrivals at the Central Library. The session is a chance for new arrivals to pop in and speak to members of the Council's Migration Team about any questions or concerns that they may have. 

At this week's session we're also giving away the following items:

  • £200 interim payment for new arrivals on the Homes for Ukraine Scheme
  • GoCV cards that give Ukrainian arrivals free entry and discounts to specified events and activities around Coventry
  • Bus passes for those who have arrived through the Homes for Ukraine Scheme

We will be contacting those new arrivals who are eligible for the above benefits to arrange an appointment to collect their payment, GoCV cards and bus passes. These are not available to those without an appointment. Once you have a confirmed appointment, you must also bring the relevant identification. We will inform you of what identification documents to bring when we arrange your appointment. 

Employment Sessions

As part of our integration approach, one of our main aims is to help people into employment, education or training based on their skills, qualifications and ambitions, in doing so helps all new arrivals to once again lead independent lives.

To support Ukrainian arrivals in finding work, we have put on two employment sessions per week at the Central Library with one of expert Job Coaches, so that we can provide tailored one-to-one support for those who need it.

On Tuesdays our Job Coach, Meena, will be giving guests a brief overview of working life in the UK. These introductory sessions will take place after English lessons have finished for the day, from 2pm-2:15pm. After this brief introduction, Meena will be able to book appointments for those wishing to work.

On Wednesdays and Fridays, between 10am-2pm, Meena will be hosting one-hour employment sessions with those who are wishing to work in the UK. These sessions are designed to find out more about guests' skills, qualifications and ambitions, so that we can provide the appropriate level of support to each individual.

If you have any employment related questions, or wish to book a session with Meena, please email:

All of our employment sessions - on both Wednesday and Friday - take place between 10am-2pm.

We will be regularly updating this page with all of the latest news, events and information that are relevant to Ukrainian arrivals and their sponsors, so make sure you check back here for the latest updates.