Coventry City Council complies with the Data Protection Act and the UK GDPR and is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) as a Data Controller.  

This Privacy Notice explains how personal information is going to be used, what for, who it will be shared with and why. 

How we use personal information 

We have personal data about you shared with us by schools and hold this personal information relating to Coventry Alternative Provision. We process personal data because it is necessary to comply with our contractual obligation with the school to provide the Coventry Alternative Provision services. 

We use this information to: 

  • Provide you with necessary and appropriate training 
  • Ensure Training Providers have relevant information, specific to each learner enabling them to offer a service that meets student needs. 
  • Ensure we can provide the information to your training provider for Safeguarding and Health and Safety reasons 
  • Help us to develop and improve our service 
  • Complete statistical returns to Government departments 

What personal data do we hold about you?

All data that is recorded for students is provided by schools during the application process. There is a Partnership Agreement signed by referring schools at the beginning of each academic year, to ensure all data is accurate upon the point of referral. Schools have a responsibility to ensure CAP are informed of any changes throughout the programme of learning. These details will also be used for our external funded programmes. 

The information included in this application is:

  • Your name 
  • Your date of birth 
  • Your address 
  • Your emergency contact details 
  • Your medical information - in order to ensure your safety within the workplace 
  • Academic information (educational needs/ inclusion support) 
  • Details of any other Agency involvement. 
  • Parent/carer contact details 
  • Safeguarding concerns 
  • Behaviour Plans
  • Educational Health Care Plans
  • Images/videos if consent is obtained

Who we share your personal information with  

We will share data with: 

  • Work Related Training Providers that you access.
  • Internal Coventry City Council Service areas 
  • Any agencies necessary in terms of safeguarding measures. 
  • European Social Fund for our Routes 2 programme
  • Images and videos will be used as per the consent form

How long will we keep your information?

We will only keep your information for as long as we need to, enabling us to deliver the service requested. We will keep all information for 10 years after the end of the academic year, with the exception of Children in Care.

Your rights 

You have the right to:  

  1. Ask to see the personal information we hold about you   
  2. Ask us to change information we hold about you if it is wrong  
  3. Ask us to delete the information we hold about you  
  4. Ask us to limit the way we use your personal Information   
  5. Ask for human intervention regarding decisions made about you by a computer  
  6. Data portability (have your data transferred to another Authority)  
  7. Complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office   

To exercise any of these rights please contact our Service via email: 

You have the right to submit a complaint if you are unhappy with the way your request is handled or disagree with a decision made by the council regarding your data. In these circumstances you can contact the Data Protection Team (DPO) and request a review of the decision.

If you are not satisfied with any outcome from the DPO you may wish to apply to the Information Commissioner's Office at: 

The Information Commissioner's Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane
SK9 5AF.