Evidence and going for accreditation

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Organisations that want to be considered for the Thrive at Work Award need to register and apply online.

You will be required to upload evidence to show that the standards have been met. This evidence can take a variety of forms - from written policies to staff surveys, photos, information leaflets etc and the assessors will use this to review the evidence.

The assessment process involves two stages:

  • A review of uploaded evidence via the online dashboard portal
  • An accreditation meeting involving discussions with staff, managers and health champions

The assessor has to judge all evidence against the standards criteria. If the organisation has a number of different departments; the evidence gathered must be from across all departments. If there are any shortfalls in evidence, this will be noted on the dashboard. Interviewing employees is the most important aspect of the process as this establishes that employees are aware of the policies and procedures presented as part of the evidence uploaded.

Once an organisation has been successfully assessed, a post-assessment report is completed by the Assessor, which gives an overview of how the organisation has done. A letter of congratulations is sent to the lead in the organisation along with the charter logo. The Thrive at Work award certificate is presented at a celebration event.

The award is valid for three years, following which re-assessment will be necessary. During this time you can further develop your Health and Wellbeing programme, and look at moving on to the next levels of the framework.

Download our Thrive At Work accreditation levels information.