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In partnership with the West Midlands Combined Authority we are now delivering the free Thrive at Work programme - the health and wellbeing commitment for employers across the West Midlands. This will continue to be a funded support service for SME sized businesses in Coventry & Warwickshire.

What is the Thrive at Work Wellbeing commitment?

The Thrive at Work commitment is a local voluntary commitment that provides employers with a structured approach to workplace health and wellbeing. There will be an initial emphasis on small and medium sized (SME) organisations who are often not aware of the benefits of employee wellbeing and lack capacity and resource to implement initiatives. The Thrive at Work extensive 'toolkit' will help guide organisations to resources and support from local authority providers to help meet the requirements of the commitment. The framework provides a clear and easy-to-follow guide, to steps of actions, which we believe all organisations are capable of implementing and investing in employee health and wellbeing. The commitment applies to organisations of all sizes that employ staff and those without a physical location.

Workplace Wellbeing Award - the health and wellbeing commitment for employers

The Thrive workplace health and wellbeing awards are the West Midlands county standard of good practice and a quality mark for health and wellbeing in work. The awards support employers across the West Midlands to improve the health and wellbeing of their staff, engage and communicate with employees more effectively, and help to achieve a range of business and organisational outcomes.

The award framework helps employers to address issues such as reducing sickness absence costs, improving productivity and staff engagement. A free toolkit provides support to achieve the requirements of the standards to help employers achieve this prestigious award.

The Commitment is awarded at different levels, Foundation, Bronze, Silver and Gold. It begins at the Foundation level, recognising activities and policies in place that comply with legislation and address the key workplace risks to employee health and builds to Gold level. Demonstrating excellence and that the organisation is fully engaged in wellbeing with a range of interventions and support mechanisms in place.

The framework recognises that smaller employers may find it hard to achieve the same level of activity as larger organisations. For smaller organisations meeting the requirements of the Bronze level should not involve significant financial investment and demonstrates excellence for an SME sized business.

Commitment /Action Plan - self assessment

The framework contains criteria under each of the main themes that your organisation can address to improve the health and wellbeing of your employees. The purpose of the themes are to provide a guide as to what steps can be taken and give an indication of where you may need to improve, or where you are doing well.

Work systematically through the self-assessment framework, across each level for each standard. Stop at the level where you find that your organisation has lots of gaps in activities and develop a plan that shows how you are going to fill any gaps. Organisations can progress through the levels of the different standards but must fulfil the requirements of the bronze level before moving on to the silver. Similarly the silver level must be fulfilled before reaching the gold level.


Foundation Level

  • Theme 1 - Enablers of Health
  • Theme 2 - Mental Health

Bronze Level

  • Theme 1 - Enablers of Health
  • Theme 2 - Mental Health
  • Theme 3 - Musculoskeletal (MSK) health
  • Theme 4 - Healthy Lifestyles

Silver Level

  • Theme 1 - Enablers of Health
  • Theme 2 - Mental Health
  • Theme 3 - Musculoskeletal (MSK) health
  • Theme 4 - Healthy LifestylesTheme
  • Theme 5 - External risks to health

Gold Level

  • Theme 1 - Mental Health
  • Theme 2 -Musculoskeletal (MSK) health
  • Theme 3 - Healthy Lifestyles


Download the Thrive at work commitment.

Getting started

You will need to identify a member of staff from your work force to become the Workplace Health and Well Lead and gain managerial support to commit to the aims and objectives of the Thrive Commitment. Their role will be to lead and co-ordinate the Thrive at Work within the organisation. The Workplace Health and Wellbeing Lead needs to either be able to liaise with and be supported by a member of management or be part of the management structure. This is to ensure that the necessary changes within the organisation are possible.

You will need to register your interest to the Thrive at Work commitment on the WMCA website.

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View the criteria and supporting toolkit of national and local resources.