1. To put you and the victim(s) at the centre of what we do

Restorative Justice 

This is where you learn about how the victim and wider community have been affected by your behaviour. It gives you the chance speak to the victim or their families, either face-to-face, via the phone, or even by writing a letter.

Engagement and Desistance 

We look at your background and past to make sure we give you the right support and set reachable goals. We will look at things like your family and friends, where you live, what school you go to, your education, training and employment, your hobbies and interests, and more.

2. Everyone in Coventry working together to make a difference

Working Together

We know that it can be confusing to have a lot of professionals around you at once, so we aim to make this easier for you. We will speak on your behalf when needed and work together with other agencies to give you the best possible outcomes.

Understanding Trauma

We recognise that life may have been tough for you so far, and some of these experiences may have changed the way you think, behave and respond to situations. We will keep this in mind when we offer you opportunities to make sure you have the right support in place.

3. To help you to avoid getting into trouble again, and to build a safer community

Tackling Exploitation and Serious Youth Violence

Sometimes children may be asked to do something by someone, that they don’t want to do but feel like they can’t say no. We are actively trying to tackle this and also reduce serious violence amongst children such as fighting, using weapons, and being a part of a ‘gang’.

Prevention and Diversion

Offering opportunities to you that will help to change your behaviour and stay out of trouble.

Education, Training and Employment

Making sure that you are in the right education, training, or employment for you, based on your interests, strengths, and skills. This will help you to achieve your goals and encourage you to stay out of trouble.

4. To make sure we have a great staff team to support you

Staff Team

Our staff team have a mixture of valuable knowledge and skills to support you and other children accessing the service. They will be given lots of opportunities to train and learn more whilst working at CYJS so that they can always develop their skills.

5. CYJS wants you to feel comfortable to be open and honest about your experiences

National Standard Service

We want to make sure you receive the best possible service and get the most out of your time whilst being supported by CYJS.

Addressing Inequality

Recognising that not all groups of children are treated equally based on factors such as their ethnicity, gender, ability, sexuality, age etc. Some groups appear in the Youth Justice System more, and so it is our job to make sure all children are treated equally and that those groups do not receive harsher penalties for similar behaviour.