If you get Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support and your circumstances change, tell us as soon as possible. The quicker you tell us, the quicker you'll get an increase or new benefit. For some changes, your payments may be reduced. You must report any changes in your circumstances as soon as they happen, even if you're not sure whether they affect your benefits.

Examples of changes you must tell us about:

  • You move house
  • Your rent changes
  • Your income changes
  • The amount of savings or assets you have changes
  • The people you live with changes
  • The amount of childcare you pay to a registered childcare provider changes
  • Any other change that may affect your entitlement to Housing Benefit/Council Tax Support

Let us know about any changes to your circumstances

Evidence documents required for your recent change in circumstances

You can upload the evidence documents required when you submit your online form. Should you need to send further information you can take a photo of it and email it to benefits@coventry.gov.uk quoting your reference number in the subject heading.

Benefits service

Address: Broadgate House
Customer Service Centre

Telephone: 024 7683 1800


Benefits change of circumstances

Report a change in circumstances for benefits