How will the Council help me plan my support?

We will work out how much support you might need.

Your assessment will help us work out how much support you may require, based on your individual needs. We will estimate what it might cost the Council to support you; this is called an ‘indicative amount’ and is a starting point for calculating what your personal budget will be.

Will I have to pay towards my support?

We will work out how much you may have to contribute to the cost of your support.

We will carry out a financial assessment to work out if you will need to pay anything towards your care and how much that might be.

At this stage we will only be able to give you an estimate of what the Council might pay and what you might pay but it will help to start planning your care and support.

How will I plan my care and support?

We will help you plan your care and support with your family, carers and other people that are important to you.
We will look at how you would like to meet your needs and help you do the things that are important to you. You won’t always need to have a service paid for by the Council to meet your needs.

We will look at a range of options to meet your needs including new ways to help you such as:

  • finding groups in the community who can help you or asking your friends and family
  • giving you information or telling you about where you can get help
  • looking at different types of equipment or tools that help you do things, or make things easier, at home or when you go out
  • looking at making changes to your house or other places you go, so you can move around from place to place and do things at home

If you need more help to meet your needs there are lots of different things we may look at, such as:

  • Help at home and/or when you go out
  • Help to do things you enjoy or to take part in something you need to, such as training or work
  • Give you some occasional help when the person who cares for you needs a break or has to do other things
  • Help to find you a place to live where you can get support all or some of the time if you are unable to stay at home

Find out more about the types of support available.

Adult Social Care Direct

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