The Participation Service works with children, young people and their families to make sure:

  • Children and young people have a voice about the decisions that affect them
  • Colleagues and partners are advised, supported and challenged around good practice
  • The Council is helped in developing services and policies and that this meets the needs of residents
  • Parents, carers, children and young people can be involved in assessing the current service, planning for the future and reviewing services

The Participation Service helps make sure:

  • We are sensitive to the needs of the child
  • We support the voice of the child and make sure it is heard and that it is used to build strong services
  • We improve outcomes through the voice of the child
  • We make sure the culture has the child at the centre of everything and prevent the unthinkable.

People can contact us when they need help in influencing the service they receive.

  • Sheila Bates: Children's Champion
  • Michael Ross: Lead Participation Officer
  • Michelle Wallace: Participation Officer
  • Olivia McFadden: Apprentice
  • Shianne Kinchen: Apprentice

Voices of Care

The Voices of Care Council is open to all looked after children and young people as well as care leavers. It is a great opportunity for you to influence important people in Coventry City Council and to make sure we know what your views and concerns are.

The Voices of Care Council is here to:

  • Help the Council make decisions which have an impact on your life.
  • Represent your views as service users.
  • Provide you with access to senior managers and elected members so that you can talk about the issues that affect you.
  • Ensure that the Council is keeping the promises it has made in the Coventry Pledge.

The Voices of Care Council in Coventry is a very successful independently constituted group that work with young people within the care system and care leavers, giving them a voice and input into the decisions made around the services provided. In Addition, we do various works with social work students and other departments in the council to provide professionals with service user's point of views. E.g. interview panels, consultations, meetings with elected members all on a voluntary basis. Each year we hold large celebration events for LAC children to celebrate all achievements of young people in care.

Our aim is to establish and improve services standards for young people by notifying them of service users' views. We aim to create a better experience of the system for the young people that come after us. The VOC Council is an opportunity to show LAC in a new positive light and highlight their success and achievements.

How to get involved

  • Join the steering group and come along to monthly meetings - every second Wednesday of the month.
  • Become a representative for primary school age children, secondary school age or care leavers.

Being a member of the Voices of Care Council is important.  It gives you the chance to get involved in groups outside Coventry and to receive training. It's an opportunity for you to meet other people who have experience of being in care.  It also helps build confidence and looks good on your CV!

Voices of Care posters

Participation team

Address: Broadgate House

Telephone: 024 7683 1432