Carbon literacy training

Carbon literacy programme

The West Midlands Combined Authority is delighted to be able to offer free Carbon Literacy training to anyone across the West Midlands, as part of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games’ sustainability ambition to create a carbon neutral legacy for the region. Carbon Literacy training is developed to empower you to make a positive impact on climate change and help to influence others around you to drive action. 

The training is a fantastic opportunity for you to gain a free accreditation and gain a better understand of climate change and the action required. The training is available to anyone who lives or works in the West Midlands.

Why complete the Carbon Literacy training? 

  • We have secured funding to allow you to complete the training free of charge. 
  • The training is entirely online, and the e-learning modules allow you to complete it at your own pace, finishing with an interactive Zoom session (taking a total of 8 hours); 
  • This is a United Nations recognised course, with a well-respected accreditation and certificate which is a great addition to any CV
  • It is an opportunity to learn more about climate change and what action is required to tackle the most important issue of our time. 

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