• All meetings will be Chaired by the independent chair and in her or his absence by the Vice Chair and will be held at least on a quarterly basis.
  • A meeting will require at least a third of its membership to be present in order to be quorate.
  • Decisions will be made by consensus. If not possible the Chair will have the casting vote.
  • Meetings of the Main Board will be held quarterly where appropriate. Working group meetings will be held to progress matters set by the Board and individuals or organisations may be co-opted to assist where necessary. 

 Amendments, modification or variation 

Terms of reference may be amended, varied or modified in writing after consultation and agreement of the Climate Change Board.

Pathway working groups 

Our pathway working groups allow us to bring in together organisations across the city to further our climate change actions and support our city to prosper from the green industrial revolution. 

Priorities of work follow the five sustainability pathways.  Each pathway group is chaired by a member of the main Climate Change Board as follows: 

  1. Low Emission Development Pathway group: Rachel Jones, Act on Energy
  2. Nature Based Development Pathway group: Ed Green, Warwickshire Wild Life Trust
  3. Circular Economy Development Pathway group: Russ Hall, Warwick Manufacturing Group 
  4. Resilient Development Pathway group: Suzanne Ward, Environment Agency
  5. Fairer Green Futures Pathway Group, Clare Wightman, Grapevine Coventry and Warwickshire & Helen Wheatley, Warwick Institute of Engagement

Our actions 

Our agreed priority areas of action are as follows: 

Low Emission Development

  • Residential energy efficiency 
  • SME case studies 
  • Heat Exchange research 

Circular Economy Development  

  • CE integration into the university education programme 
  • Closed loop recycling  
  • Reuse centres development 

Nature Based Development   

  • River corridors 
  • Repurposing land for rewilding projects 
  • Transboundary working 

Coventry’s Climate Change Board meeting dates 2023

  • 11 January
  • 20 April
  • 6  July
  • 5  October
  • 23 November 

Coventry’s Climate Change Board meeting dates 2024

  • 1 February 
  • 9 May

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Coventry Climate Change Board

Coventry’s Climate Change Board is an independent board. The secretariat is managed by Coventry City Council who can assist in directing your query to the relevant board member.