A graphic of a white silhouette of a person shrugging and a speech bubble with a question mark inside

If you need help reading council tax information, we can help with 

  • Larger print on letters
  • Text-to-speech for webpages
  • Information translated into other languages

Find out more information about Speech, reading and translation support.

You are welcome to have support from a family member or friend, if you give us permission to discuss your details with them. Where possible, please provide your signed permission in writing. 

Please contact us to tell us if you need any support reading council tax information.

Council Tax enquiries

Please be advised that due to high demand, responses to correspondence and forms can take up to 16 weeks. Where possible, use our online service to make a payment by debit or credit card which will be quicker and easier.

Telephone: 024 7683 1111