I have received notice of an enforcement action for non-payment of Council Tax

What happens after the summons hearing date?

On the day of the summons hearing at the Magistrates Court, the magistrate will grant a liability order. This order allows the Council to take the following enforcement action against you:

  • information request (known as a 14 day letter)
  • attachment of earnings order
  • deductions from a relevant benefit
  • pass the case to Enforcement Agents (formerly known as bailiffs). An immediate fee of £75 will be incurred
  • committal to prison
  • bankruptcy
  • charging order
  • attachment of members allowance

Information request - once a liability order has been granted, we will send a notice stating that the liability order will be passed to the Council's enforcement agents within 14 days unless an agreed payment arrangement is made.

This notice (known as a 14 day letter) incorporates an income and expenditure form. Once the liability order has been obtained, you have a legal duty to supply the following information:

  • the name and address of your employer
  • confirmation of your earnings or expected earnings
  • your payroll reference number
  • confirmation of any additional income
  • details of any other person who is liable for either part or whole of the debt

Not supplying this information could mean separate proceedings taken against you by the council, where a fine / penalty could be imposed.

Council Tax

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