Many full-time students are eligible for a Council Tax exemption or discount.

You qualify as a full-time student if you study for at least 21 hours per week for 24 weeks of the year.

To find out if you meet the criteria for these, you need to tell us about your living circumstances using this proof of student status online form [/studentcounciltaxform].

If you live in students' halls of residence you don’t need to do anything – we will already have the information we need for you.

If you don’t let us know about your situation, you will receive a Council Tax demand for the full amount.

I am a student but I have received a council tax bill, why?

A reduction can only be awarded when we have received proof of student status. If you have not provided proof please do so using our proof of student status online form [/studentcounciltaxform]

Once your course has ended you are no longer classed as a full-time student (even if you have not yet graduated). If your tenancy ends after your course then you are liable for council tax and charges are due and payable.

If you have moved address then please complete our online change of address form [/info/55/council_tax/1907/council_tax_-_change_of_circumstances].

Can I get a discount or exemption for my Council Tax?

What happens to the Council Tax I pay?

You can find out more about what Council Tax pays for with the information on our About Council Tax [/council-tax/council-tax-2] page.