Lord Mayor of Coventry - Councillor Ann Lucas

14 November 2020 marks the 80th anniversary of the Blitz which brought so much devastation to the city. With the city synonymous as a city of peace and reconciliation, it’s important that we continue to mark the occasion and despite the huge challenges that COVID-19 have brought for everyone, there are several activities planned to ensure the date can still be marked appropriately.

Lord Mayor’s reflection

As The Lord Mayor of Coventry, Councillor Ann Lucas, wanted to say some words in recognition of this important date in our city’s history.

The 14th of November is, and always will be, such an important day for Coventry.
It is a day when we remember the suffering of our city and its people during the air raid that caused such heartbreak and devastation. We remember those we lost, and our thoughts are with their families.
But we remember also the courage and the will of the people to rebuild our city and create something special.
The Ruins alongside our Cathedral are a physical reminder of that Blitz, but the night of 14th November 1940 is embedded in Coventry’s spirit.
It has seen our city rise from the ashes to become a beautiful multicultural city of sanctuary - a city of peace and reconciliation that tells its story to bring others together in friendship and understanding.
As we commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Blitz, that night and those brave people are with us always.
They shape our city and they inspire us to work for a better tomorrow.
Although, sadly, we cannot be together today, this service shows that we will always find a way to honour them.
We will always remember them.