Route 12 - via Route 11 to Westwood Business Park and Tile Hill Station; Route 13 - via Route 11 to Tile Hill and Bannerbrook Park

Route 11

This route links Coventry's past to its future, from medieval Spon Street at the University of Warwick. The route also serves local sporting venues, shops and Canley Station (please walk your bike over the station bridge)

  • Connecting - City Centre, Canley, University of Warwick, Kenilworth
  • Serving - Butts Park Arena, Hearsall Common, Coventry Cycle Speedway, Coventry Business Park, Canley Station, Cannon Park Shopping Centre, University of Warwick Science Park, Kenilworth Greenway.

Route 12

This route includes 2 miles of traffic free paths, connecting route 11 to Tile Hill Station.

  • Serving - Westwood Business Park, Xcel Leisure Centre, Westwood Academy, WMG Academy.
  • Links to - Tile Hill Village, Jardine Crescent 

Route 13

  • Serving - Coventry Business Park, Jardine Crescent, Tile Hill Village
  • Links to - Whoberley, Tile Hill Station, Eastern Green, Bannerbrook Park 

Download the Route 11, 12 and 13 cycle map as a printable pdf.