Costs for cremations.
Cremation type Cost Non Resident
For the cremation of a child under the age of 16 years at the time of death ** £651 £651
Of a person whose age at the time of death exceeded 15 years (** children 16 years and above) £1,104 N/A
Medical Referee's fee (charged separately) £39 £39
Saturday cremation service - adult (50% surcharge) £1,656 N/A
Direct Cremation - Adult (No attendance, including medical Referee fees) £690  
Direct Cremation with attendance- Adult (max. of 12 mourners) No service, music £790  
Costs of miscellaneous cremation fees.
Description Cost
The strewing of ashes in the Gardens of Remembrance when the cremation took place elsewhere £140
The provision of an approved container for the transportation of cremated remains (poly urn) £56
The use of Canley Crematorium Chapel for a memorial service £454
Search fee in respect of family histories (per name) £20
The strewing of ashes in the Garden of Remembrance - Cremation at Canley Crematorium £68
Retention of the ashes after 1 month (per month) £45
Late cancellation fee of cremation booking  £454
Late delivery of cremation forms £55
Late arrival 5 minutes / overrun by 5 minutes £275
Obitus Live Streaming Services (Canley Crematorium Chapel only)  
Live stream (at need only) £71
Live stream and 28 day access after service £96
Live stream, 28 day access and memory stick copy of service (add. copies available upon request) £106
Copy of service memory stick (each) £25
Delivery of ashes (local Coventry address only)  £45

Fees stated in the price list are for reference only.

Cremation and burial fees for any child, under 18 years of age at their time of death or stillborn after 24 weeks of pregnancy who is a resident of Coventry, will be paid from the Government's Children's Funeral Fund. Non-resident fees for babies below 24 weeks of pregnancy will still apply.

Download and print the Canley Crematorium Cremation price list and our printable leaflets.

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