Energy efficiency grants and energy audits for Warwickshire businesses

Warwickshire Business Energy Advice Service

Commencing November 2023, Coventry City Council, having secured a tender run by Warwickshire County Council and its five boroughs, will conduct energy audits for businesses located in Warwickshire.

Coventry City Council, on behalf of Warwickshire County Council and the five District and Borough Councils, is dedicated to advancing a green, growing, and sustainable economy.

Our support focuses on promoting energy efficiency. Each business will undergo an energy audit, resulting in personalised decarbonisation plans to identify carbon and energy savings. This approach not only enhances energy efficiency but also leads to lower energy bills and more sustainable businesses.

Warwickshire Business Energy Advice Service (WBEAS) is set to introduce a grant scheme, providing financial support to businesses for the adoption of low-carbon practices.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Operate in Warwickshire
  • Employ fewer than 250 people.
  • Have an annual turnover of less than 36 million pounds.
  • Not have received more than 315,000 pounds of public aid at the period of the current fiscal year and the two fiscal years immediately preceding the current fiscal year.

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