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Certified Sustainability: Inside Datagraphic's ISO & B Corp Journey

In this episode, we speak to Peter Wells, Sustainability Manager at Datagraphic
Key Topics:

  • Carbon reduction plan: Datagraphic has an ambitious and validated plan to achieve net zero by 2050, with a 50.6% reduction by 2028, aligned with science-based targets and UN SDGs.
  • Solar PV installation: Datagraphic can run its entire operations on sunlight when the sun is shining, thanks to the large-scale solar PV installation across both sites, supported by Coventry Council grants.
  • Scope 3 emissions: Datagraphic faces challenges in engaging its supply chain to reduce their emissions, and plans to make carbon reduction a selection criterion for future partners. 
  • ISO certifications and B Corp assessment: Datagraphic has achieved several ISO standards for quality, environment and security, and is undergoing B Corp assessment to demonstrate its social and environmental impact and values.
  • Advice for other businesses: Datagraphic encourages other businesses to start their carbon reduction journey by measuring their footprint and seeking help from experts and peers. It also highlights the benefits of cost savings, staff engagement and tender opportunities.

Host: Jonathan Howl, Green Business Programme Business Advisor 
Producer: Maria Covlea, Marketing and Events Co-ordinator

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