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Our vision

Using digital technology to engage with our citizens and to work efficiently with our partners to address complex issues.

This means maximising the potential of digital technology in how we communicate and engage with our citizens, customers and partner organisations. It means providing the right digital environment within communities, and developing the innovative provision of services such as health and social care with partners, citizens and customers. It also encourages collaboration within citizen groups to help people access new networks or community resources to help individuals help themselves, promoting independence.

Our journey so far

We have recently extended our free public WiFi offering to all of the city’s libraries. This means that members of the public can take their laptop, tablet or smartphone and connect, for free, to the internet via our public WiFi.

We are currently planning on being able to provide free public WiFi within the city centre and the retail market.

In April 2016, there were nearly 13,200 public WiFi sessions for a total of nearly 4,600 hours at our libraries.

The Bell Green Silver Surfers have some 18 members (and a waiting list) with ages ranging from their 60s to their 80s. It is a self-managing and self-sufficient computer club organised by, and for, the senior members of the Bell Green Community. The Silver Surfers meet every Thursday, regardless of the weather, to learn about the latest technologies to enhance their lives.

The seniors in the group are digitally more confident than ever before. They are able to shop online, pay bills and develop financial spreadsheets to help manage money at home. They are able to communicate with their children and grandchildren on sites such as Skype and Facebook. Flowers and bargain white goods are bought online and photos are shared and printed.

“The Bell Green Silver Surfers have reduced the need for members visiting their GP, and they have reduced the dependency on outside support from mainstream services."

Community Development Officer

We have been an early adopter of the Child Protection Information Sharing (CP-IS) system. This allows information to be shared between our Children’s Social Care system and the systems used by the NHS. This allows for earlier identification of where a child is at risk of neglect or abuse.

“CP-IS will provide an invaluable safeguard for vulnerable children if they attend unscheduled health care settings"

Head of Business Systems - People Directorate

With our partners at Coventry University and the University of Warwick, along with a number of other partners from both the private and charity sectors, we contributed to the creation of FabLab Coventry. The aim of FabLab Coventry is 'to encourage all citizens in Coventry to become more technically skilled, but in an environment that is fun, well equipped, geared for self-paced learning, and open to everyone, regardless of income or educational background'.

“FabLab Coventry is a home where citizens of all ages, makers, doers, entrepreneurs, activists, creatives, students and researchers can come together to build a better Coventry. To do this, FabLab provides state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing and digital fabrication equipment to anyone wishing to take part "

FabLab Coventry