How we will achieve our vision

Digital Coventry - dog walker
  • Collaborating across our partners, including the voluntary sector to create, new, innovative, efficient methods of service delivery.
  • Modernising IT facilities in community settings including libraries and our Customer Service Centre, through our Connected Communities and Kickstart programmes.
  • Improving efficiency and accessibility to Council services for disabled and vulnerable groups by harnessing advances in technology, including improved translation services, customer focussed system design, video conferencing etc.
  • Public Wi-Fi - implementing the city centre Wi-Fi contract to provide free city centre Wi-Fi hotspots. Public Wi-Fi enabled across all library locations. Expanding this across other city locations and Council buildings.
  • Work with our research partners, including our two universities to explore innovative assistive technologies to directly support within the health and social care environment.
  • Establish suitable data sharing agreements and legal frameworks to enable the sharing of complex and sensitive data between partner organisations including the NHS and Police to improve process efficiency and outcomes for our citizens.
  • Using social media analysis to engage with citizens via digital channels that they are already using - not necessarily introducing new tools. We will talk to local communities to understand how best they want us to engage with them via these channels.
  • Empowering citizens by increasing resilience within communities by making more people aware of resources within their community. Developing their own solutions by pooling existing community resources and matching volunteers to areas of need. 
  • Encourage people to develop their digital skills in community settings through initiatives such as the DotEveryone programme. 
  • Use new ways of reaching out to citizens in more accessible formats such as video and create Citizen Panels as a means of engagement. Use new methods such as quick polls to help better understand citizens' feedback on engagements quicker.