What is happening and why?

The technology used to make landline phone calls is due to be upgraded over the next few years. This means landline phone calls that have traditionally been delivered over the old telephone network (known as the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)) will, in future, be delivered over digital technology called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which uses a broadband connection.   

Some of this migration to VoIP is already happening for some customers, such as people who have upgraded their home phone and broadband package, or who have moved house. Landline providers are contacting customers to let them know the process to migrate from their old landline to the new telephone service. The deadline by which this migration is to be completed nationally is December 2025. 

For the majority of people, the digital voice switchover will not have a big impact. It is often as simple as plugging your home phone into the back of your broadband router, according to the instructions your provider will send to you. In the case of the big phone providers, it is very likely you will not have to change your home phone handset, your telephone number, or pay more.

However, for some people there may be a bigger impact. For example, if you are a Telecare customer this change will not only affect your landline but will also mean there could be an impact on the connection to your Telecare equipment. You should check in with your device provider (whether that is Coventry Council or a private provider) about its compatibility, as well as telling your telephone provider once they have contacted you about migration that you have a telecare device and need extra support.

If you have friends, family or neighbours who you know need extra support for whatever reason, it may be worth checking in with them to see if you can help.

The current position in Coventry  

Virgin Media were the first telecommunications provider to implement the digital switch in Coventry and Warwickshire during 2023.  Other telecommunications providers are also working towards implementing the digital switch in Coventry and Warwickshire.  BT are currently communicating with the council with regard to their plans for the switch and an information drop-in was held on 8 February in Coventry Central Library.

Coventry City Council Adult Social Care and the Telecare Service will continue to work with Telecommunications providers during the implementation of the digital switch to ensure their customers residing in Coventry are supported appropriately in order to check connections and provide alternative equipment when necessary.

Further information

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