City Centre Traffic Changes
Letter to Residents and Businesses
Restriction Times
Monday to Saturday 10am to 6pm
Permit Type
Access to Hales Street junction with Burges Bus Gate. Parking restrictions still apply within the Zone.
Permits Available
Business, Resident, Blue Badge & Private Hire Zone Access Permits
How to apply for a Blue Badge Permit

Create an account on the Permit Portal Select Blue Badge Holder as account type Email asking for Zone TS to be added to your account and include details of your Blue Badge and Vehicle.

Permit Portal
Application Guide
Permit Cost
Visitor Vouchers
Visitor Vouchers are like digital ’scratch cards’ and last for 1 day only. They expire at 23:59 on the day set and can be pre-set for a specific date.

They are available via your online account once your initial Resident or Business Permit is live. They are available via the Buy/Use Vouchers tab.

If you have no vehicle and do not require a Permit but require visitor vouchers. Apply for a Permit with No VRM as the registration and tick the box stating that you don't require a vehicle registration to be added.
Privacy Statement