How do I change my details on the electoral roll?

How do I change my address on the electoral register?  

When you move house you need to register to vote at your new address, telling Council Tax is not enough. Simply complete a new application at Make sure you include your previous address on your registration as this will get your details removed from your old address.

You will need your National Insurance number (if you have one) and passport (if you've moved abroad).

If you have moved away from Coventry you can use the same form. You will be able to give your old address on this form, and your new authority will then tell us so we can take your details off our register.

Remember to keep your details updated; it will help keep your credit history accurate. The electoral register can never be back-dated.

How do I change my name on the electoral register? 

If your name has changed you can complete a change of name form with your previous and new name and the date of the change.  You will need to provide evidence to support the change of name, such as a marriage/civil partnership certificate or deed poll certificate.  Alongside this we need your signature, old name, new name and your address. You can send us a copy of your documents in the post or scanned copies by email. Please DO NOT send original documents as this isn't required.

Alternatively you can submit a new registration at Remember to include your previous name as well as your new name otherwise your details will not match.

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