I am a student, can I register?

Are you registered to vote?

As a student you are able to register at home and at your term-time address. So wherever you are on election day, you can have your say.

There are other good reasons to register; the main one being that if you are not on the register of electors you may experience problems obtaining credit as the register is used by credit reference agencies to confirm your address.

So not being registered could mean you may struggle to get a new mobile phone contract, open a bank account and possibly later in life a mortgage.

How can I register? 

Register to vote online

You'll need your National Insurance number and date of birth. 

As a student, you can register at your term-time address and at your home address - so whether you're at uni or at home, if you're registered, you can vote on election day.

Can I vote twice? At university and at home? 

You can't vote twice in a UK Parliamentary, Scottish Parliamentary, National Assembly for Wales or European Parliamentary election. You would be committing an offence if you voted twice. However, you can vote in a local government election at home and at your term-time address, as long as they are in different local government areas.

Electoral Services

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