Parent and child fostering

Adoption and fostering

‘I’d love to provide support to a young family starting off’

‘I know how difficult the early days can be with a baby and how crucial support can be’

If this sounds like you, then read on to find out more about why we need more people to come forward and become Parent and Child foster carers.

Parent and child foster carers provide safe, supported and nurturing homes for those who have been identified as needing some additional help and support in learning to care for a new baby. The parent being supported could be a mother, father or both, and we, with our foster carers, very carefully think over what is a good match for each household. Parent and child care arrangements provide new parents with a positive alternative to a more institutional residential care, which can be isolating for new parents and do not replicate or role model ‘family life’.  Providing this type of care arrangement can be very rewarding but also complex and challenging, so we do require the primary carer to be home based.  

Why do we need people to become Parent and Child foster carers?

  • To offer a supportive and nurturing home for parent(s) who may not have experienced positive role modelling from family and friends.
  • To provide crucial support and consistency by providing the parent/s with reassurance, guidance and support during the early months of parenting.
  • To offer support to the parent to safely care for their baby/child, so that all their needs are met.     

What do Parent and Child foster carers do?

  • Record observations and information about the parent's ability to safely care for the child independently.
  • Works closely with other professionals to identify additional support which may be needed in the future.

We run a number of information events if you want to find out more, please register your interest.

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