We will cut the grass and maintain shrub beds on all Council-owned land, which includes:

  • Highways
  • Verges
  • Public open spaces
  • Parks
  • Memorial gardens

We do not cut grass or maintain shrub beds that are:

  • Privately owned
  • Planted with daffodils and crocuses. These areas will not be cut until the leaves have started to die back, usually in July.
  • On properties/estates not owned by Coventry City Council. Land on some housing estates is under the control of Citizen. Your local housing office will be able to answer any questions you may have about the maintenance of these areas.

Grass cutting schedule

We aim to cut grass on a 20 working day cycle, usually from the middle of March to October/November but this is subject to weather and ground conditions.

The edges of grass plots are cut back during the winter months on a three yearly rolling programme to prevent grass spreading onto adjacent paths.

Rain and wet ground conditions make it difficult, and sometimes unsafe, to operate mowing machines. On sloping sites it is particularly dangerous and we have to wait until the land dries out.

We will do our best to keep to schedule, but if we are prevented from mowing by bad weather the next mow will be late.  Please bear with us if this happens, we will do our best to catch up.

Shrub beds

During the summer months we prune and shape shrubs. Prunings are usually chipped and returned to the base of the beds to provide a mulch. This helps to conserve moisture and suppress weed growth.

During the winter months we remove excessive growth from the previous year as well as all dead, diseased and obstructive growth. We also clear the area of weeds and debris.  

We aim to:

  • Investigate any grass cutting enquiry within five working days during the cutting season, or 24 hours if it is urgent. Some operations may be delayed by weather conditions.
  • Use good horticultural practice when pruning shrubs
  • Respond to enquiries about problems with shrub beds/seasonal flower beds by inspecting them and if any remedial works are required these will be done within five working days.

Please help us by:

  • Not parking on grass
  • Not dropping litter or flytipping
  • Not placing obstacles (e.g. skips and building supplies) on grass or shrub beds
  • Keeping any shrubs that you own adjacent to public footpaths trimmed so they do not cause an obstruction.

Report an issue

Report an issue with grass, hedges, shrubs and weeds

Customer Services

Open 9am–5pm Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays). If you do need to call us, please try to avoid our busiest times of lunchtime and early afternoon. Many queries relating to Council Tax, benefits or bin and bulky waste collections can be dealt with directly by logging into My Account.

Telephone: 08085 834333