Applicants for Taxi and Private Hire licences

New applicants can pick up application packs from the Taxi Licensing Office. The following information documents are downloadable, however the applicant is still required to contact the Taxi Licensing Office to be sent an application form and then book an appointment to submit with their application in person at the Taxi Licensing Office. The Taxi Licensing Office does not accept applications for new or existing licences through the post: It is not possible for new applicants to bring their vehicles or children into Whitley Depot.  The entrance to the Taxi Licensing Office is Whitley Depot but via the Humber Road entrance.  You must have booked an appointment otherwise you will not be allowed to enter the depot.

Your driver's application/renewal will be placed on the National Register of Taxi Licence Revocations, Refusals and Suspensions (NR3S). This register will be consulted in connection with your application/renewal. Your personal data will be placed on this register if at any time your licence is revoked or renewal refused.

Information documents

Application documents

The above documents are regularly updated therefore you should ensure that you are consulting the most recent when submitting an application.

Hackney Carriage Vehicle Owner's Handbooks and Brochures are available below to download. The Owner's Handbooks in particular show how to correctly secure a wheelchair;

Loading of wheelchair into a hackney carriage vehicle

The following video shows a manual wheelchair being correctly and safely loaded and secured in a hackney carriage vehicle;

The following video shows an electric-powered wheelchair being correctly and safely loaded and secured in a hackney carriage vehicle;

View the LEVC TX Electric Hybrid wheelchair loading instructions.

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Taxi licensing office

Address: Whitley Depot
259 London Road

Telephone: 024 7683 2183