Locally Listed

A Locally Listed heritage asset is a building, structure or feature, which is not listed by the Government, but that the Council believes is an important part of the city's heritage. Heritage assets on the Local List need not be less significant than designated assets; they may have important local significance.

View a map and list of all Coventry's Locally Listed Heritage Assets

There are currently over 280 locally listed heritage assets across the city. Heritage assets can be nominated for inclusion on the list, and Coventry City Council will use an agreed set of criteria.

As with the statutorily listed buildings, any works carried out should preserve or improve the building and any features of architectural or historical interest should be kept, and suitable materials used.

Under the National Planning Policy Framework the conservation and contribution of locally listed heritage assets will be a material consideration in planning decisions that directly affect them or their setting. Demolition of a locally listed building in a conservation area will need conservation area consent.

In considering planning applications for locally listed heritage assets, we will consider the need to preserve their character or appearance. The Council will try to protect locally listed heritage assets, and will work to find suitable uses which help protect them.

Download a PDF of all Coventry's Locally Listed heritage assets.


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