The Wood contains a network of footpaths providing interesting informal walks taking you past panoramic views across farmland to the south and open countryside from the eastern end.

A 600 metre all-weather path has been created on the east side to help local people, and people with disabilities to gain greater access to the wood.

During the summer months many wildflowers grow along the footpaths, including greater stitchwort, common speedwell, nipplewort, hawkweed and bluebell.

The walk can be extended from the eastern end of the wood across open countryside to the Bogs and Piles Coppice.

As the woodland is on the edge of the city, it contains good wildlife, such as moles, foxes, rabbits, beetles, Muntjac deer, hedgehogs and many birds.

Around the walk a variety of birds can be seen, including chaffinches, robins and several species of tits. Woodpeckers are more often heard than seen.

Dead trees are left where possible by the Council to provide nest sites for woodpeckers. They also contain many insects which birds feed on.