Section 2: Other housing options

This Policy aims to ensure that those in the greatest housing need are given appropriate priority for social housing whilst offering informed choice and making the best use of the limited social housing availability in the City. There is very high demand for social housing in Coventry and applicants should consider other housing options alongside their Coventry Homefinder registration.

Examples of other housing options to consider
Housing Options Brief details Contact
Renting from a Private Landlord Private landlords may be able to offer the type or location of accommodation required, especially if you want accommodation in popular areas where there is little social housing. If eligible, you may be able to claim for assistance with housing costs through Universal Credit or Housing Benefit/Local Housing Allowance.

Contact estate and lettings agencies, look for properties advertised for rent in local papers, use property websites such as

Advice about different tenancy types can be found on the Shelter website.

Mutual Exchange If you are currently a tenant of a social landlord, you may be able to exchange your property with another tenant. Contact your landlord or use websites such as or
Midland Heart Homes Midland Heart Housing Association has set up a choice based letting system for properties across the West Midlands area. This gives additional options, especially if you are considering moving out of the Coventry area. Midland Heart website
Affordable Home Ownership   There is a range of products designed to allow people to access more affordable home ownership, for example ‘shared ownership’.   Find out about the range of affordable home ownership products.
Open Market Home Ownership Dependent on income and savings levels, home ownership on the open market may be a suitable option. Contact estate agents, look for properties advertised for sale in local papers, use property websites such as RightMove.
Short term accommodation - Hostels Short term accommodation is available from direct access hostels in the city. This may also include support to access permanent accommodation. Homelessness advice and support