We welcome you to Coventry

Coventry is a City of Peace and Reconciliation and we welcome you to our city. Being new to the city, you may want to find out about various services and support that you could access to help you settle into the city and the wider community.

These pages offer useful information to newly arrived communities including people who are seeking asylum, have been granted refugee status by the Home Office, or come into the city through other routes (such as students, overseas skilled workers or EU migrants). We also run a number of projects aimed at helping these communities, and more information can be found in this section. 

"We will always try and do what we believe is right, and we believe it is right to help others who have been forced to flee their homeland, suffering terrible hardship along the way."

Cllr Abdul Khan, Deputy Leader of Coventry City Council

Read our 2018 Migrant Needs Assessment.