EU Settlement Scheme

The EU Settlement Scheme is the UK’s immigration scheme for EU and EEA citizens, their family members and members, to secure their right to live, access services and work in the UK beyond 30th June 2021. If eligible nationals do not submit an application to the EU Settlement Scheme, this may result in a No Recourse to Public Fund (NRPF) condition being imposed- meaning that individuals may lose the right to live, work and access services in the UK.

Coventry City Council has produced detailed guidance about the EU Settlement Scheme for EEA nationals, employers and landlords as well as the Local Authority. This has BrowseAloud functionality, which translates into various languages.

The application deadline for the EU Settlement Scheme was 30 June 2021, which has now passed. Beyond this date, for now, eligible nationals will be able to submit late applications to the EU Settlement Scheme providing there is a ‘reasonable excuse’.

Coventry City Council has secured funding from the Home Office to work with Coventry Central England Law Centre to continue to support eligible nationals until 31 March 2023.

We provide free, independent and confidential advice and support in Coventry. This includes:

  • Support and advice with late applications, including evidencing ‘reasonable excuses’
  • Legal advice and representation
  • Looking into outstanding applications, in some cases liaising with the Home Office on your behalf
  • Support with switching from Pre-Settled Status to Settled Status
  • Barrier-breaking interventions including interpretation, digital support and signposting

Access free, independent and confidential advice and support

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