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What is information governance?

Information Governance can mean different things to different people. Within Coventry City Council, it is a term that is used to describe the way we manage our obligations for: Freedom of Information; Environmental Information Regulations; Re-use of Public Sector Information; Records Management; Regulation of Investigatory Powers; Data Protection; Information Sharing and IT Security.

It allows both the Council and its employees to ensure that both business and personal information is dealt with legally, securely, efficiently and effectively, in order to deliver the best possible services.

The legislations and guidance you can request information about are:

  • Data Protection Act 2018 enables an applicant to access information of which they are the subject, e.g. someone's own education/social care records, employee files etc. The Data Protection Act is not restricted to information held by/on behalf of public authorities or those bodies carrying out public function nor is its purpose limited to the right of access to information.
  • Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 are corporate procedures relating to the authorisation of Covert Surveillance activities and requests for data from communications providers, in accordance with RIPA (Regulations of Investigatory Powers Act) legislation.
  • Environmental Information Regulations 2004 enables an applicant to access environmental information. They are restricted to information held by/on behalf of public authorities and those bodies carrying out a public function.
  • Freedom of Information Act 2000 enables an applicant access to information which is held by/on behalf of public authorities and those bodies carrying out a public function, and, which does not fall under either of the access regimes listed above i.e. personal information or environmental information.
  • Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2015 establishes the UK framework for the re-use of public sector information. Accessible information which is produced, held or disseminated by the public sector body must be made available for re-use (unless it is otherwise restricted or excluded). The default is to set charges at marginal cost. 
  • Records Management is about making sure that public authorities such as Coventry City Council manages its information so that employees can readily locate the correct information they need, at the time they need it.


Information Governance


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